Este evento reunirá a actores clave del ámbito de la hepatitis C con el fin de desarrollar vías para respuestas de salud eficaces y tratamientos abiertos para quienes los necesitan.

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Need for action: End the silence on Hepatitis C

The considerable and increasing burden of HCV across Europe is rarely reflected in awareness or attention to the issue. However, this is about to change. Highly effective new treatments are being introduced and there is a growing recognition that truly inclusive testing and treatment policies need to be established now.

The 1st European conference will bring together key actors on HCV, including drug user community representatives, harm reduction experts, health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and policy makers to develop pathways for effective health responses and to open treatment for those who need it.

One of the highlights during the conference will be the presentation of the 'Berlin Declaration', a pressing call to national and European policy makers, to ensure better access and quality of HCV treatment for the most marginalised groups and individuals.

Thematic topics

Moderated discussion session about policies and best praxis examples from all over Europe, practical skill building sessions on testing and peer based work and abstract driven sessions on innovative approaches will ensure an interactive, vibrant conference.

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