Este seminario fomentará un debate abierto sobre la reforma global de las políticas de drogas entre parlamentarios de países que se ven especialmente afectados por este tema. 

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The BGIPU is hosting a seminar in Westminster on Drug Policy Reform from 28 to 30 October. The invitation is being extended to Latin American, West African and European Parliaments. 

Following on from the 128th IPU Assembly in Quito panel discussion on drug policy reform, the BGIPU will host this seminar to encourage an open and honest debate on global drugs policy reform among parliamentarians from countries that are especially affected by this issue from the drugs supply and demand side, to consolidate the role of parliamentarians, as legislators and opinion leaders with regards to this issue.

Themes that will be explored during the seminar in particular will include:
• Addiction and the health-based approach to drug policy 
• Money-laundering and trafficking of illicit drugs
• Drugs in prisons and the risk of disproportionality of drug trafficking laws 
• Decriminalisation versus the legalisation of cocaine
• Current drug laws on curbing transnational organized crime
• The effect of illicit natural resources as a source of violent conflict

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