NIGHTS 2013 – Conferencia sobre salud, placer y comunidades


NIGHTS 2013 – Conferencia sobre salud, placer y comunidades

25 enero 2013

La conferencia tiene como objetivo promover una vida nocturna más segura y proponer respuestas a los nuevos retos en materia de reducción de daños y promoción de la salud entre las y los jóvenes europeos. Más información, en inglés, disponible abajo.

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The Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project (NEWIP) is carried out by a network of European community-based NGOs acting in the nightlife field, nightlife professionals, local and regional authorities and agencies, treatment professionals and scientific researchers.
The NEWIP partnership is based on the alliance of the Basics Network with the Democracy, Cities & Drugs Safer Nightlife Platform :
- To promote a safer nightlife, in collaboration with all safer nightlife stakeholders (nightlife professionals, peers, harm reduction NGOs, public institutions, etc.) by implementing a variety of health promotion, community empowerment and harm/risk reduction strategies.
- To propose responses to the new challenges in the fields of harm reduction and health promotion among young European people, using recreational settings as initial outreach locations. For further information on NIGHTS 2013 CONFERENCE please click here.

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Padua, Italia
Inicio25 septiembre 2013
Finalizar26 septiembre 2013