A pesar de que existen pruebas sólidas que demuestran sus efectos positivos para la salud, el Gobierno del Reino Unido insiste en rechazar esta intervención de reducción de daños que salva vidas. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

By Stewart Paterson and Stephen Naysmith

Plans for a 'fix room' where addicts in Glasgow would be able to inject illegal drugs under medical supervision are to be thwarted by the Home Office, it has been confirmed. While the UK Government's own advisors concede safe drug injecting facilities can be effective in protecting both drug users and the public, ministers insist they will not change the law to enable the setting up of drug consumption rooms (DCRs). However ministers are happy for Glasgow to go ahead with plans for a number of addicts with persistent drug problems to be given heroin on prescription.