Las políticas de reducción de daños basadas en la salud son mejores que una guerra policial contra las drogas, asegura la organización TB/HIV Care Association.

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The body of Thokazani Hadebe lay on the pavement on the corner of Milne and Point Road, Durban, for the better part of a day before it was removed -- a chilling reminder of the dangers of injecting drugs.

According to a friend, Hadebe had come out of prison the day before and that same night he purchased a R75 unit of stone (heroin), mixed it with 20ml of water, and injected it. This was after taking mandrax and drinking alcohol. Hadebe passed out and it was only much later that someone realised he wasn't just sleeping.

His death is just one of many among injecting drug users in Durban who have died over the past year from either overdosing or drug-related afflictions and diseases. Hadebe's death points to the great need for the harm reduction services.

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