Tras el éxito de un proyecto de análisis de drogas parecido desplegado en varios festivales durante el verano de 2016, este proyecto piloto permitirá recopilar pruebas y evaluar la eficacia de esta iniciativa en los clubes nocturnos del Reino Unido.

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A pilot of the country’s first public drug-checking service, where people can test the quality of their class-A substances, could be launching in the new year.

The free walk-in booths would appear in Preston city centre, after a similar scheme at festivals over the summer.

The Loop, the non-profit organisation behind the service, said it could help to reduce drug-related deaths, as users can check the potency and what’s actually in drugs such as ecstasy or cocaine.

Analysis by The Loop of ecstasy found on the market in Britain earlier this year revealed that some pills can contain up to triple the average dose of MDMA.

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