Los EE.UU. están pagando a Colombia por entrenar a fuerzas de seguridad en América Central, sin monitorear si con ello están haciendo bien o causando daño. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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The US is paying Colombia to train security forces in Central America, without tracking whether this is doing good or causing harm. It's time for authorities to start asking hard questions about what lessons Colombia's military is exporting abroad.

By the Colombian government's count, its security forces may have killed at least 4, 475 civilians. More than 5,000 state agents have been implicated. According to the United States government, the Colombian military continued to kill civilians through 2014.

Yet, documents from the US Department of State and Department of Defense show the United States expanded funding this year for a program that pays the Andean nation to export its drug war and human rights "know-how" to new territories, despite the grave human rights concerns this fairly invisible strategy presents.

Since 2007, and more intensively since 2011, the United States has paid for Colombian security forces to train military and police in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru — and even West Africa— in counternarcotics tactics.

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