La red EHRN está trabajando en una iniciativa regional en Europa Oriental y Asia Central que tiene como objetivo documentar y compartir experiencias regionales en materia de reducción de daños. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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EHRN is working on a Regional Initiative Concept for Eastern Europe and Central Asia that, if accepted, will be implemented with the support of the New Funding Model (NFM) of the Global Fund. The regional online consultation conducted by EHRN in preparation for this proposal has already been launched to
solicit region wide opinions on:

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • the goals, objectives and core activities, as well as the main benefitsof regional approach (closed on May 27).
    the criteria for the prioritization of countries for the Regional
  • Initiative (going from 27 May to 3 June). The survey is available here

One of the key aspects of the implementation of the Regional Initiative will be the interaction with the model sites, and regional experience exchange, so now EHRN is launching the third and final survey on the existing regional successful practices in the field of harm reduction. One of the goals of this process is to identify potential partners for the Regional Initiative.

EHRN invites you to provide information on successful practices in the region (CEECA) in the following areas:

  1. Quality harm reduction services/ eliminating barriers in access to services
  2. Advocacy and protecting the rights of people who use drugs (PWUD)
  3. Capacity development of community/PWUD-organizations and organizations of opioid substitution treatment (OST) program participants.

For each area, you will have an opportunity to provide an example of one successful practice. In order to share the information with us please fill in the questionnaire which you will find here:

Please provide us with the information before June 5.
Marija Subataite Program Manager for Technical Support

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