Ce document fournit des informations sur les nouvelles drogues de synthèse et les risques qu'ils peuvent représenter pour la santé des usagers. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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Synthetic drugs contain chemical substances which have been artificially developed to mimic  the effects of illicit drugs. A wide variety of products containing these drugs are available for retail sale in NSW. There is very limited information about the short and long term health effects related to their use; however there have been media reports of negative side effects  and dependency following their use. In recent years an increase in their detection and use has  been noted not only within NSW but around Australia and across the world.

The absence of sufficient information available to the public regarding synthetic drugs in NSW was highlighted by many inquiry participants. It was noted that users of synthetic drugs are often unaware of the legal status of these drugs and the dangers that their use could pose to their health. In order to address this gap in public awareness, the Committee has recommended that the NSW Government develop a public awareness campaign to educate the community about synthetic drugs. In addition, the Committee has recommended the development of a tailored government website, which would publicise warnings about synthetic drugs as they are identified and allow the public to provide information to government agencies about synthetic drug products being sold in the community. Greater public awareness about emerging synthetic drugs will help to alert the public to new drugs as they are identified and to the health risks that these drugs can pose to users.

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