Cette conférence a pour but d’accroître les connaissances sur les NSP et de promouvoir des solutions innovatrices sur les risques qui leur sont associés.

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In the past 25 years a variety of novel (or ‘new) psychoactive drugs (NPS) have become available, and they are often misrepresented as ‘safer’ and ‘legal” alternatives to illicit drugs. NPS are often sold via the Internet, where information on their effects is minimal or inaccurate.

The main aim of the NPS conference series, now at the third edition (Budapest; Swansea; Rome), is to increase knowledge and understanding about the nature and the effects of NPS as well as promote innovative solutions in the field. Hence we invite contributions in all areas of potential interest, as oral presentations or research posters.

We believe that our NPS conferences cover a topic of great practical interest to society in general. It will be of interest to health professionals, youth workers, educators, policy makers, and anyone involved in the prevention and treatment of drug addiction. If you wish to stay updated on our activities,  please register with us.

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