La création d’espaces sains pour un avenir sain


La création d’espaces sains pour un avenir sain

29 octobre 2013

Cette conférence vise à sensibiliser le public sur l'urbanisation rapide dans le monde et ses effets sur la santé publique.

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This conference aims to look across sectors at health behaviours and policies and raise awareness on the backdrop of rapid urbanisation across the globe.

City Health 2013 provides the opportunity to demonstrate the leading role that cities play in addressing health issues associated with a large, complex, diverse, shifting population on a daily basis.

It has a special focus on health behaviours and factors affecting health - including alcohol, sex, drugs, smoking, nightlife, entertainment venues, mental health, violence, tourism, food and diet, housing and migration, along with consideration of the future challenges for creating healthy cities and a healthy public.

The programme focuses on ‘whole systems’ approaches, reflecting the integration of health and social care, with an emphasis on the science and evidence supporting policy, prevention, treatment and the delivery of services. It will showcase examples of effective policy and good practice in addressing the consequences of health behaviours. Of particular importance will be examples of multi-agency, multi-disciplinary working, including professionals from other sectors, including law enforcement.

City Health 2013 will discuss and disseminate models of intervention, practical experience and research from across the world, acknowledging and recognising the impact of economic and cultural disparity and beliefs.

Registration for City Health 2013 is now open. Please see the information below which will assist you in booking your place at the conference. Your place(s) will be confirmed when full payment is received. Please note that all payments must be made by 1700 GMT, on Friday 25th October 2013. Any payments after this date will be subject to a surcharge of £15.

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