La Ganja Growers and Producers Association affirme que l'industrie n'a pas été conçue avec une approche "par le bas" et que les réglementations sont inapplicables, restrictives et draconiennes. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

By the Jamaia Observer

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Ganja Growers and Producers Association (GGPAJ) says despite the success of several Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) operators, Jamaica's regulated cannabis industry has failed to live up to its potential. 

In a statement released yesterday following the association's Joint Executive and Seventh Ganja Stakeholders Meeting on Saturday, the GGPAJ said while the 2015 legislation was progressive, the regulations are unworkable, restrictive and draconian.

It said further that the industry was not designed with a ground-up approach and blamed both of the major political parties for the state of affairs. It accepted culpability too, saying it has so far failed to adequately lobby on behalf of the local sector.