Lancée en Mai 2012 afin de débattre des thèmes au centre de la réforme de la loi sur les drogues en Argentine, la campagne est en bonne voie. Ceci est une actualisation de sa couverture médiatique et des résultats atteints jusqu’à présent.Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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In May 2012, Intercambios launched the campaign "15 ideas for a new Drugs law", which aims to promote debate on key issues for the reform of the narcotics law 23,737. After a first stage, in which Intercambios achieved the task of making 47,363 people learn about the proposal through social networks, begins a second phase with new shares.

In order to make the debate over a new drugs law reach all of society, the Civil Association Intercambios launched the campaign “15 Ideas for a new Drugs Law”. The first stage, which took place from 15 May until 7 June and culminated with the X National Conference on Drug Policy, was focused to install the issue on social networks and media, while efforts were made to submit the proposal to both Lower and Upper Houses and to civil society organizations not specialized in the drugs field.


For its launch, the campaign received the support of organizations and institutions such as the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), the Nueva Tierra Center, the Argentina Red Cross, the Public Defender's Office, the Huésped Foundation, Mothers Against Paco and Por la Vida de Lomas de Zamora, the Procurator's Office of the Nation and the Argentina Society of Medical Anthropology. Over the weeks, new supports trickled in, and so far reached 36, of which 31 are from Argentina and the rest from abroad.

Based on the document with 15 proposals, which covers issues such as decriminalization, traffic and health, other associated materials were generated and supplementary material compiled. All this was presented at several meetings with legislators in the debate raised in the National Congress regarding the reform of the narcotics law 23,737.

Social Networks

On the other hand, for four weeks a wide dissemination in the social networks Facebook and Twitter took action and the content of the 15 ideas as well as messages and related materials were spread. The impact was significant, with many views, comments and users who shared in its walls links and other resources. In its highest moment of diffusion, the campaign was known through facebook by 47,363 people.

About 380 tweets were published with the hashtag # 15ideasLeyDrogas. 222 Twitter users participated in the campaign by posting their own tweets, or by RT to others, many repeatedly; this action allowed to reach several thousands of people with messages through this social network.

Second Stage: celebrities talking about drugs

From now on, the campaign “15 Ideas for a new Drugs law” enters a second stage, with new shares from August to December. Among them, the most prominent will be the dissemination of brief interviews with celebrities and anonymous of various fields, to be published on a weekly basis in both the Intercambios website and in social networks. Gathering supports and disseminating the 15 ideas also continue. To join, please contact:

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