Resistencia y alternativas a las "guerras" por el espacio cívico en Filipinas


Resistencia y alternativas a las "guerras" por el espacio cívico en Filipinas

9 junio 2023
Civic Futures
Ateneo Human Rights Center
Marc Batac
Mary Jane N. Real
Jessamine Pacis

La Iniciativa Futuros Cívicos explora (entre otras "guerras") el impacto que la opresiva y militarizada "guerra contra las drogas" de Duterte tuvo en Filipinas sobre el espacio cívico de aquellas actores opuestos a las políticas referidas a drogas, y documenta los abusos cometidos en el marco de estas políticas. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

During the six-year administration of former president Rodrigo Duterte, civic freedoms in the Philippines took a dark turn. Under the guise of three contiguous “wars”—on terror, drugs, and the COVID-19 pandemic—the Duterte regime vilified activists and opposition through dangerous narratives, surveillance and censorship, and the securitization of civic space. Now, new analysis for Civic Futures by a team of independent researchers in the Philippines has shed light on the extent of past and current Philippine governments’ attacks—and the inspiring resilience and creativity of Philippine civil society.

In “Resistance and Alternatives to the ‘Wars’ on Civic Space in the Philippines,” researchers Marc Batac, Mary Jane N. Real, Jessamine Pacis, and the Ateneo Human Rights Center explore how the Philippine state has systematically attacked and undermined civic space by employing the “security playbook”—a common set of authoritarian tools and tactics identified by Civic Futures.

The confluence of interests and opportunities brought by global and national events and actors—including the United Nations’ stance on counter-terrorism—enabled this surge in strategies from the security playbook,” says co-author Marc Batac. “In turn, that facilitated the direct and systematic attack on dissenting groups, civil society, and civic space.

At the same time, the researchers show how local activists have responded with courage, ingenuity, and alternate visions for a better future. Through their research, the team identifies promising opportunities and approaches to disrupt, reform, and transform security to ensure a thriving civic space in the Philippines.