Informe Anual 2021 del Fondo Robert Carr – Redes más robustas. Comunidades más fuertes


Informe Anual 2021 del Fondo Robert Carr – Redes más robustas. Comunidades más fuertes

2 noviembre 2022
Robert Carr Fund (RCF)

El Fondo Robert Carr documenta los avances en fortalecer capacidades de las 60 excepcionales redes de la sociedad civil que apoya, incluidas las pertenecientes al Consorcio para Reducción de Daños dirigido por el IDPC. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

The RCF is unique in its commitment to supporting network strengthening through core funding, enabling civil society and community-led networks to build their organizational and advocacy capacity. Stronger organizational structures contribute to greater accountability, sustainability, and more effective programs.

The primary purpose of Annual Report 2021 is to provide a complete quantitative picture of RCF’s 2021 progress against a set of indicators, accompanied by a selective summary of qualitative results. As this report also marks the end of the funding cycle, it additionally takes the opportunity to reflect on the cumulative results and compare final data to those collected at baseline.

Across three years of implementation (2019 - 2021), all 60 unique networks showed progress under the Network Strengthening Outcome Area, with 100% demonstrating progress under at least one of the six organizational strengthening indicators. This showed the diverse but consistent value of RCF funds in strengthening organizational capacity, particularly in terms of financial systems, governance, and strategic planning and fundraising.

This report is one of many sources of information about RCF’s 2021 journey, complementing the broader and more diverse range of information available on grantee actions, progress and achievements that can be accessed on the RCF website and our social media.

To learn more please read the full text of the Annual Report 2021.