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Instituto RIA

Instituto RIA is a Mexican based organization that undertakes high quality research, highlighting and proposing innovations in order to advocate for public policies within a social justice framework. Human rights, access to justice, and drug policies, stand at the center of the analysis, proposals and advocacy work we do, opening dialogue and debate forums, publishing evidence-based research, and catalysing innovative initiatives in Latin America to the international level. In drug policy reform, we believe that the legal, regulation of all psychoactive substances is necessary to guarantee the rights of people who use drugs, to contribute to the social and economic development in countries which produce these plants and psychoactive substances and that it can be used to repair the harms of prohibition in communities most negatively impacted. In countries such as Mexico and Colombia, drug policy reform and regulation are the first steps towards guaranteeing the no-repetition of human rights violations, ensuring truth and justice and bringing about reparations. We believe in working in collaboration with other actors, from civil society and government, in order to amplify new voices and increase advocacy capacity. We support and encourage a diverse, professional reform movement that finds commonalities to bring power and strength to our messages. Our objectives are movement-building, policy change and social justice.

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3 marzo 2022

Contra el excepcionalismo de drogas

Entender los componentes y efectos de las drogas es importante, pero convertir este ejercicio en jerarquías de uso sólo acrecienta discriminaciones.