Today CO ‘100 % LIFE’ is the most powerful organization representing the interests of HIV-positive Ukrainians. We have partners in all regions of Ukraine, almost 500 members. It provides services to more than 170000 clients. The priority of our work is the achievement of UNAIDS global goals of 90-90-90, through the following: • reforming health care system and introducing innovative models and approaches in provision of medical and social services; • development of successful interaction model between state and public sectors for sustainable solution of social problems; • formation of tolerant society's attitude to key populations, including people who inject drugs. Organization focuses on expanding access to affordable and effective medicines and care services for HIV, TB and HCV patients through creation of conditions for price decrease and fighting with patents. In 2018, our team elaborated draft aimed at patent protection reform and containing important provisions on restriction of patent monopolies on medicines in Ukraine, which would increase competition among drug manufacturers. CO ‘100 % LIFE’ also facilitates transition plan from donor to state funds for HIV programme. In 2017, organization designed portfolio of interventions aimed at creating environment for regional budgets funding of social care services for PLWH. Those interventions included development of regional policies to include funding for social services for PLHW in regional programs covered by regional budgets. This allowed development of mechanisms for direct purchases of social care services from regional NGOs through the system of e-public procurement. The first group of services to benefit from this mechanism is social support for PLHW. One of the projects is creation of legal network for protection of human rights of PLWH, representatives of key communities and persons with TB. Lawyers conducted 27 cases of strategic importance. Three cases were submitted to the European Court of Human Rights.

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