Una semana de debates y talleres sobre políticas de drogas, datos, investigaciones científicas y cambios futuros en el paradigma normativo. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

Join us in Cape Town, from the 8 to 12 October 2018

This year's theme is Policy to Practice. We will examine the impact of drug policy on the implementation of effective approaches to addressing drug use in our communities, and how the lessons learned from implementing interventions and real-world data inform policy - or don't. Local and international experts will share their experiences and research on how different drug policies have impacted communities and informed best practice. We will look at future policy directions in a changing global policy landscape, as well as the policies affecting specific populations, such as incarcerated people and people who inject drugs. We will also look at novel local and African policies and practices, and the emerging data.

There will be a number of important side events policy and a variety of subject-specific workshops where experts will share their knowledge, and key stakeholders can debate topics of interest in smaller groups.
For  further information, please e-mail drugpolicy@tbhivcare.org

Please note:
Attendance is not guaranteed: Priority is given to key drug policy stakeholders.