Examen Periódico Universal: 32º período de sesiones

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Examen Periódico Universal: 32º período de sesiones

7 agosto 2018

El 32º período de sesiones del Examen Periódico Universal tendrá lugar en Ginebra del 21 de enero al 1 de febrero. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

According to the Human Rights Council’s “institution-building package”, the Universal Periodic Review Working Group will hold three two-week sessions per year. During each session 16 countries will be reviewed, therefore 48 countries per year and 192 countries by 2011, or the entire UN membership over the course of the first UPR cycle (2008-2011). On 21 September 2007, the Human Rights Council adopted a calendar detailing the order in which the 192 UN Member States will be considered during the first four-year cycle. Each review is facilitated by groups of three States, or “troikas”, who act as rapporteurs.

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