Antes de la publicación del informe el 9 de septiembre, la Comisión ha lanzado una película animada que explica el fracaso de la guerra contra las drogas. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo. 

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On 9th September, the Global Commission on Drug Policy will launch its latest report - Taking Control: Pathways to Drug Policies that Work, at a press conference in New York City, USA. 

Since 2011, the Commission has worked with partners around the world to identify alternatives to the failed war on drugs. Taking Control recommends a new approach that puts public health, the safety of communities, human rights and development at the center of drug policy.

The new report includes groundbreaking recommendations for a major paradign shift in global drug policy. 

To take the drug policy debate mainstream, the Global Commission on Drug Policy released a short animation film that explains the failure of the war on drugs. 

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