La decisión de prohibir el khat en el Reino Unido está afectando a productores somalíes y keniatas. 

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A UK ban on khat - widely used in the Somali community - comes into force in the next few months. But there is anger in Kenya, where thousands of farmers depend on exports of the herbal stimulant.

Somali campaigners against the herbal stimulant khat are celebrating on Tuesday, writes Jamal Osman. They have invited some Conservative MPs who supported them in their fight to ban it. The ban is expected to come into force in the next few months.

But anti-khat activists have been holding victory parades since the home secretary announced khat is to be banned.

By making such decisions, Theresa May defied government scientists and some of her fellow MPs. But she became an unlikely hero of the Somali community.

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