Take action: Use the form available here to email Commonwealth leaders now to make sure they take the lead in promoting legal reform among member states to enable a more effective response to HIV.

  • In 41 of 54 Commonwealth countries, homosexuality is a criminal offence.
  • Drug users face the death penalty for some offences in some Commonwealth countries.
  • Some Commonwealth countries apply criminal laws that can result in severe penalties for sex work, including corporal punishment.

Laws like these stop people who are at greater risk of HIV from accessing key prevention services and life-saving treatment services. As a result more people are infected and ultimately more people will die. This October there is a chance for the Commonwealth to do something about it.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is an opportunity for the Commonwealth to show its leadership in supporting legal reform in member states.

We, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance), along with the  Commonwealth HIV/AIDS Action Group (CHAAG) and  the Australian Federation of Aids Organisations (AFAO) are asking Commonwealth leaders to see law reform as a priority issue and for the final declaration of the CHOGM to specifically include reference to this.

This would mean we could respond to HIV more effectively and prevent new infections. Find more about the law reform in the Commonwealth.

This action was launched by the Commonwealth HIV/AIDS Action Group, AFRO and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

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