IDPC report of proceedings: The 2011 Commission on Narcotic Drugs

27 April 2011

Mindful of a number of issues, it looked as if the 54th CND would be an intriguing event. Held in Vienna between 21-25 March, the Commission would be the first for the new Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Mr. Yury Fedotov. It was also the first meeting since several states had objected to Bolivia’s proposed coca related amendment to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Furthermore, 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the Convention: the bedrock of the current prohibition-oriented international control system.

Expectations consequently focused predominantly upon these issues; how, for example, would Mr. Fedotov approach the meeting? Would Bolivia make a statement in regard to its proposal to amend the Single Convention and lift the ban on coca chewing? And, amidst ongoing tensions within the system, to what extent would the delegates dwell upon the anniversary of the Single Convention? Some of these issues were addressed and as is always the case others emerged, or re-emerged, as topics of concern.

This report aims to provide the reader with a summary of what happened at the meeting, including at various satellite events, and offers some analysis of the key discussions and debates.

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