Réponse de l’IDPC au Rapport mondial sur les drogues de l’ONUDC

23 septembre 2011

As is now customary, 23 June saw the launch by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) of the most recent version of its flagship publication, the World Drug Report.

This year’s publication represents an impressive and wide-ranging set of data collated and analysed by the UNODC. With the absence of thematic chapters, a marked change to previous year’s Reports is the noticeable lack of policy recommendations within the main text; a change in approach that may be a manifestation of Mr Fedotov’s settling in period as Executive Director (ED) of the Office.

For this reason, much of this response focuses on the global trends in production/manufacture, trafficking and consumption featuring in the 2011 Report. This IDPC report also includes a critique of not only Mr Fedotov’s contribution to the Report, but also a related review of his first year in post and the apparently increasing role of the Russian Federation within the UN drug control apparatus.

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  • International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)