Les femmes affirment leur voix dans les conversations sur l'usage de drogues

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Les femmes affirment leur voix dans les conversations sur l'usage de drogues

9 février 2023
International Network of Women Who Use Drugs (INWUD)

Le concours de blogs sur le narcoféminisme a récompensé le travail de trois femmes discutant de la stigmatisation, du plaisir et de l'autonomisation des usagères de drogues. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

The International Network of Women who Use Drugs (INWUD) is excited to announce the top three winners of the Narcofeminism Blog Competition “Our bodies, Our choice, Our rights, Our voice”

1st Prize Emily Arnold, Junkies, sluts and feminists: where are we in the witch legacy?

2nd Prize Jessica Spratt, Owning My Pleasure

3rd Prize Violet Maodi, Stigma and discrimination have no place in my life

INWUD aims to address the specific needs and rights of women who use drugs and women living with HIV. We do this by providing a women-only safe space for engaging in global advocacy with stakeholders. We believe in meaningful engagement and empowerment of women who use drugs to take control of their own narrative about drug use. To this end, INWUD launched the Narcofeminism blog competition to create space for women to share their rich life experiences and lessons learned. The diversity and breadth of all these stories and life lessons have the capacity to change the lives of other women while challenging public perception and stereotypes about women who use drugs.