From 21st to 25th March 2011, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) will gather in Vienna, Austria, to discuss the international drug situation and the implementation of the UN drug control conventions. This webpage will be updated regularly to provide updates on the CND meeting.

Agenda and official documents

  • Click here to download the preliminary agenda of the CND.
  • Click here to download official CND reports, conference room papers, udpates on side events and information for participants.

Practical information

NGO activities

  • IDPC series of lunchtime policy seminars (subject to modifications):
    • Monday 21st March: EHRN workshop on overdose prevention.
    • Tuesday 22nd March: IDPC seminar on diversion from custody.
    • Wednesday 23rd March: Transform seminar on the 'Counting the costs' campaign.     
    • Thursday 24th March: TNI seminar on the future of the UN conventions.
  • Side event on proportionality in sentencing, organised by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.
  • Side event on access to essential medicines, organised by Human Rights Watch.
  • Side event on drug dependence treatment, organised by the VNGOC.

NGO coordination

There is an NGO lounge where NGOs can meet and work together. This lounge is equipped with a PC, internet connection, Wi-Fi, and a projector for PowerPoint presentations. Every morning at 9:00, the VGNOC will hold an NGO briefing meeting, where information will be provided about the day’s events and NGO activities can be coordinated. This is a useful way to catch up on the latest news and plans for the day. The VNGOC will also make available a list to coordinate the involvement of NGO participants wishing to speak at the Plenary.


IDPC and the International Harm Reduction Association will blog live during the CND meeting to report key highlights from the Plenary and the Committee of the Whole.

Media activities

IDPC has updated its Media Information Resource Pack. Originally published in 2009, the updated version of the pack provides information and background resources on key issues related to the UN drug control system.