'Count the Costs' is an Open Society Foundations-funded global campaign that Transform will launch at CND this March, in collaboration with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network.

The campaign is primarily designed to help create links with NGOs beyond the drug policy field, and to engage with policy makers beyond the usual government departments - health and crime. Using the 50 years anniversary of the 1961 Single Convention, it will call upon NGOs, governments and international bodies to join a call to count the costs of the war.

To that end Transform has identified 7 policy areas - Development and security, economics, health, discrimination and stigma, crime, environment and human rights.

Transform is in the process of developing a website that will act as a hub, bringing together a textual and graphic demonstration of the negative impacts of 50 years of the war on drugs. If you wish to support the project, please send any reports, images or videos that portray the costs of the war, to george@tdpf.org.uk.