Estimulantes de tipo anfetamínico en Latinoamérica


Estimulantes de tipo anfetamínico en Latinoamérica

26 febrero 2014

Este informe de la ONUDD ofrece claves a los responsables políticos para tomar decisiones sobre las estrategias de intervención y prevención.

Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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This regional report is the first situation assessment for Latin America put forward under the Global SMART Programme. It forms one of the key steps in providing consolidated up-to-date analysis, based on the information shared by Member States.

It is hoped that the information on drug trends presented in this report will make a practical contribution to addressing the significant threat posed by the illicit manufacture of, trafficking in and use of ATS, and to a lesser extent of NPS, in the Latin American region.

The report aims to place policy makers in a better position to evaluate the drug situation and make informed decisions on intervention and prevention strategies.

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