The Foundation for Social Policy PREKURSOR is a coalition of third sector, non-governmental organizations and individuals working in the field of public health and social policy. As a hub where board members and policy council members are in the governing bodies of their organisations and initiatives it has a unique way of engaging with its stakeholders. PREKURSOR brings together professionals, practitioners, researches and peers from various backgrounds and areas and aims to initiate a public debate on crucial policy issues like the crossroad of psychoactive substances use, sexual activity, public health, social policy and social exclusion. PREKURSOR's goals are strongly based on human and civil rights and public health. PREKURSOR seeks to promote evidence-based policies on national and local level. The main focus are disadvantaged groups whose fundamental rights are not respected, who do not have access to medical care, legal assistance and other forms of support. The organization conducts activities in the following areas: harm prevention and harm reduction in the context of substance use and sexual behaviours, HIV/HCV and STIs prevention and treatment, drug policy, homelessness, sexual education, mental health. PREKURSOR is conducting the very first sex work project. It works with other vulnerable populations – migrants, youth at risk, inmates. The premise is also research activities and supporting self-organization of communities.

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