Esta es la primera de una serie de conferencias que tienen por objeto explorar el futuro de la regulación de las nuevas sustancias psicoactivas. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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The Criminal Justice Centre, School of Law, QMUL and DrugScience are delighted to invite you to Regulating New Psychoactive Substances: Science, Law and Policy, the first in a series of conferences exploring The Future of Pharmacological Regulation.

The appropriate regulation of New Psychoactive Substances (NPSs) is a topic of pressing public and political concern in the United Kingdom and around the world, but how should this be achieved?

Last year, New Zealand enacted the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013, which is widely perceived as marking a major shift away from the paradigm of prohibition under the criminal law. However, there are alternative schemes.

The aim of this major one-day conference is:

  • to provide a critical and objective analysis of the science and law relating to NPSs,
  • to identify facts and myths surrounding the distribution and use of NPSs,
  • to explore the values and public health ethics that should guide policy-makers in this arena, and
  • to consider and discuss viable options for regulating (if at all) activities in connection with NPSs. 

Speakers will include Professor David Nutt (DrugScience), Dr John Ramsey (Tic Tac), Dr Leslie King, Professor Fiona Measham, Professor Rudi Fortson QC (QMUL), Professor Richard Ashcroft (QMUL), and Amber Marks (QMUL).

Location: Barts Pathology Museum, 3rd Floor Robin Brook Centre, West Smithfield, London.

Please click here for more details on the event and the venue.

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