After 44 years of smoke-ins, rallies, pot festivals and demonstrations throughout America a lot of  progress has been made in cannabis reform.  There is still much more to do.  With the dedication of a handful of cannabis activists and the momentous support of Cures-Not-Wars (NYC), a new direction was formed.  Hundreds of thousands of have now marched together in hundreds of cities over the last decade. 

The Global Cannabis March is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet.  It refers to cannabis related events that occur on the first Saturday in May or thereabouts and may include marches, meetings, rallies, concerts, festivals and information tables.  The march originated out of the 5th Avenue Pot Parade in NYC.  After Atlanta, NYC & Ann Arbor formed and promoted the 1st International Marijuana Day, the idea for promoting a truly global demonstration came to fruition.  

The founding organizer since 1998, Dana Beal and his group Cures-Not-Wars, along with other supporters from Cannabis Culture Magazine, High Times Magazine, C.A.M.P., Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition and now hundreds of cannabis reformers/organizers worldwide are promoting marches and events in their own cities. 

The Million Marijuana March was born.  

The march also goes by the names of Global Marijuana March, World Cannabis Day, Worldwide Marijuana March, Cannabis Liberation Day, Global Space Odyssey, Ganja Day, J Day, Million Blunts March, etc.  Over 250 cities now join in a vocal demonstration for cannabis reform.  Speakers, patients, activists, artists, bands, journalists and even politicians unite in one voice demanding freedom and justice!  For just one day a coalition of groups come together to promote the largest direct action ever for marijuana reform.

Last year's march was held on May 7th. A variety of events spanned the week prior to Saturday's festivities with each city representing their own unique and diverse cultures and peoples.  In dozens of languages the message remains the same.  It was a tremendous success in 2011! 25,000 in Toronto, 15,000 in Buenos Aries, 25,000 total in Argentina.  Marches in Paris, Vancouver, Medellin, Mexico City all breaking records this year.  Get in on the most successful marijuana march in history. Time to sign up your city for 2012.

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