IDPC response to the INCB Annual Report for 2017


IDPC response to the INCB Annual Report for 2017

30 August 2018

In the approach to the 2019 Ministerial Segment and its review of international drug control, the INCB’s Annual Report for 2017 is arguably of special importance. The INCB has chosen to stress the core importance of human rights and public health principles in the implementation of drug control. However, the Board’s conception of human rights within drug control, at times, remains arguably narrow; for example, there is no comment on the human rights impact of crop eradication and drug-policy related violence.

The Board’s analysis, as represented here, has shifted to take into account the complexity of contemporary drug markets and of the differing views on the merits and otherwise of international drug policies. To some extent at least, there is a recognition of the validity of divergent visions of drug control, as opposed to a ‘black and white’ understanding of these positions.

In this response, IDPC analyses the 2017 INCB Annual Report, paying special attention to its foreword, its thematic chapter on treatment, as well as the cross-cutting issues of health, human rights and cannabis policies.

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