VIH, tuberculosis y derechos humanos en el Sur y Este de Africa 2016


VIH, tuberculosis y derechos humanos en el Sur y Este de Africa 2016

1 agosto 2016

ARASA identifica desarrollos hacia la creación de un contexto conducente a un marco legal beneficioso para los derechos humanos. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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The HIV, TB & Human Rights in Southern and East Africa 2016 report examines the legal and regulatory framework for responding to HIV, AIDS and TB in countries in Southern and East Africa (SEA) in order to determine whether:

Laws, regulations and policies protect and promote the rights of all people, including key populations, (LGBTI people, sex workers and people who use drugs), in context of HIV, AIDS and TB; and

Populations are aware of their rights, are able to access justice and are able to enforce their rights in the context of HIV, AIDS and TB.

The 2016 Report identifies and analyses both national and regional findings to identify significant developments in creating enabling legal and regulatory frameworks for key and emerging human rights issues (such as the criminalisation of HIV transmission, gender inequality, gender-based violence (GBV) and protection of the rights of key populations). In addition, the report provides country snapshots for 18 countries, updating information on universal access and human rights.

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