Los integrantes de las emergentes redes de personas que usan drogas en Kenya y Tanzania se dieron cita con activistas internacionales en la Conferencia Internacional sobre la Reducción de Daños. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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At the International Harm Reduction Conference 2013, with all its’ many hundreds of people (usually almost 1000 or so) from at least 80 countries around the world,  it is always a terrific chance to meet drug user activists from all around the world. I was fortunate enough to meet two really very special people from two emerging new INPUD sister networks, Tinga from Kenyan Network of People who Use Drugs KeNPUD, and Susan, from TeNPUD, the Tanzanian Network of People who Use Drugs.

Tinga Kalafa who is from Kenya (and the network, KenPUD) was one of the first Kenyan guys to come on board with INPUD through  the Bridging The Gaps programme. I first glimpsed him at the conference, and yes, it was from across a crowded room; tall, graceful, with a permanently broad and engaging grin, I knew straight away – This must be him!

There is a heroin scene in Kenya, low quality brown heroin from Afghanistan (much like what we all get these days I fear!). The main dealers are never seen on site, he tells me, but they employ the  young guys to distribute the produce as well as young women. 3/4 of the dealers don’t actually use heroin, but are in business to make the fast money. The police are believed to be heavily involved in the local drug scene….

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