The young man was diagnosed 12 years ago with multiple sclerosis, and after a few months his condition started to worsen. After lengthy internet research, and several consultations with medical doctors, he decided to take his own action. He began using marijuana extract to manage the symptoms of this incurable disease. In the beginning, he was buying cannabis from street dealers, but he was worried about the quality of the substance, and he wasn`t sure if it was the right type or contained other illegal substances. That`s why he decided to grow his own cannabis plants.

Kalchev was arrested on the 26th April 2013 for growing two cannabis plants at his home. After a long police investigation and public trial, he was acquitted on 26th of March 2014. Three medical expert witnesses concluded that use of medical marijuana moderated MS symptoms, decreased feelings of fatigue and stiffness, and favorably affected Marin Kalchev’s general condition. The judge, Galja Mihailova, concluded that he had committed the crime under conditions of extreme necessity, in order to improve his health.

The court decision became extremely popular on social networks and online media, and attracted huge support within Bulgarian society.

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