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1 January 2004

The challenge of achieving successful collaborative interventions

This handbook looks at the complex nature of the collaborative process from formation to the realisation, or otherwise, of agreed targets. It suggests ways of working around the ‘barriers’ that are likely to be encountered along the way. It could be relevant in the field of drug policy.
1 January 2004

Fact sheet: Supply, demand & harm reduction

The emergence of HIV/AIDS, and its rapid spread among injecting drug users (IDUs), meant that effective strategies had to be developed and adopted – these effective strategies form the harm reduction approach. Harm reduction can co-exist with supply and demand reduction but its focus is on public health rather than law and order.
1 January 2003

Executive Summary: Synthetic drug trafficking

Executive summary of "Synthetic drug trafficking in three European cities: major trends and involvement of organised crime", the product of a TNI-Gruppo Abele-UNICRI partnership.