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30 June 2002

The economic and social costs of Class A drug use in England and Wales, 2000

This research study provides estimates of the economic and social costs of Class A drug use in England and Wales for the year 2000. The methodology used to estimate costs will also enable future simulations of the relationship between various streams of government proactive and reactive expenditure.
19 February 2002

Safer injection facilities for injection drug users: the debate continues (2)

The authors in this article propose a model of safe injection rooms that could be operate on a 24-hour basis every day to provide adequate services whenever needed and prevent risks of overdose. The staff would also be able to refer clients to detox, treatment, counselling and primary health care.
1 August 2000

'Surgical mules': the smuggling of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract

Patients are frequently found carrying illicit drugs in the gastrointestinal tract in hospitals sited close to international airports. Drugs, usually heroin or cocaine, are wrapped in cellophane packets or condoms. Packages are concealed by being swallowed or passed into the rectum. Conservative treatment is appropriate providing bowel osbstruction or package perforation has not occurred.