WOLA / ANDEAN Information Network Briefing on Drug Policy in Bolivia

7 June 2008

These two briefings focus on the current domestic and international debates regarding the Bolivian government's defence of the indigenous practice of coca chewing. The first memo reviews the March 2008 INCB report which calls for the elimination of all traditional uses of coca, and the response of the Bolivian and U.S. governments. Washington has both recognized the legitimacy of traditional uses of coca while backing the INCB's demand for its elimination. The memo calls on the U.S. government to formally clarify its position. The second memo reviews present coca reduction and cocaine interdiction efforts in Bolivia and the Bolivian government's cooperation with the United States and other international donors. It also points to the serious challenges it faces in carrying out its coca reduction strategy in the La Paz Yungas and in other areas of new coca planting.

AIN WOLA Coca Debate.

AIN WOLA Balancing Act.