Youth RISE is a youth-led network promoting evidence based drug policies and harm reduction strategies with the meaningful involvement of young people who use drugs and are affected by drug policies.

Youth RISE developed regional work (partnership with  NGO, workshops, mapping and research or community outreach)  in Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-saharan Africa with organizations as Safer Interventions and Broader Acceptance (SIBA), Peer education project in Slovaki or Ganesha in Kyrgyzstan. Also, with Youth Rise Nepal and Youth Rise Nigeria.

Youth RISE participated in ‘Support don’t punish’ campaign, produced several resources as "Ain’t I a woman? Recognising the rights and needs of young women affected by drug use and HIV" or New Psychoactive Substances: The need for policy reform"and Harm reduction resources as "Global State of Harm Reduction- Excluding Youth? Global review of harm reduction services for young people" and participated in different events as Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) or UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board meeting.

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