This report has been compiled by the EMCDDA in the first half of 2011 as a supporting document for the external evaluation of the 2005–12 EU drugs strategy and its two 2005–08 and 2009–12 action plans. It reviews the main trends and changes in the European drug situation and in the responses developed by the EU Member States. Four main areas are covered by the report: drug use and drug-related problems; drug supply; drug policies; and demand reduction interventions.

In this summary, at the beginning of each of these sections, the reader is reminded of the relevant priorities and objectives set out in the EU drugs strategy, in order to facilitate analysis and assessment of progress and achievements. The timeframe for analysis is from 2004 (the year before the strategy) until the most recent data available, usually 2009 or 2010. Most of the data have been collected through the EMCDDA’s network of Reitox national focal points but additional data sources have been used in some areas.

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