The Vienna Declaration is a statement drafted by a writing committee of international experts, which calls for the incorporation of scientific evidence into illicit drug policies. The Declaration has been endorsed by 20,000 people and NGOs from around the world.

This toolkit was created to help you to:

  • Educate your friends, colleagues and networks about evidence-based illicit drug policy and get them to show their support by endorsing the Declaration;
  • Increase media interest in and accuracy on topics related to evidence-based drug policy reform;
  • Build political support by getting your local or national government to endorse the Declaration and to join the call for evidence-based drug policy;

This document is by no means exhaustive! There are many ways that the Vienna Declaration can be used, and sharing your experiences and your successes can inspire ideas and encourage others to take action to spread the word.

Please share your ideas and thoughts with us about other ways to creatively use the Declaration to educate and inspire discussions and action around drug policy reforms by emailing We welcome your stories, photos, or suggestions.

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