Jamaican gov’t assisting transition of traditional ganja growers to legal industry

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Jamaican gov’t assisting transition of traditional ganja growers to legal industry

28 February 2020

By JIS News

Minister of State for Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green, says the Government, through its Alternative Development Programme (ADP), is committed to assisting traditional cannabis growers to transition to the emerging legal medicinal industry.

“The ADP was specifically created to offer farmers the technical and financial support they need to enter the legal industry. It is designed to guide the transition of small traditional Jamaican ganja farmers into the regulated and licensed cannabis industry,” he noted.

“The ultimate goal is to create an environment where farmers can operate legally and where Jamaica can be positioned as a world leader in the global cannabis sector,” he added at a community meeting in Slipe, St Elizabeth, on February 21.

He also spoke to growers and other stakeholders in Mountainside in the parish on the day.

The ADP, being implemented by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), aims to prevent and eliminate the illicit cultivation of cannabis and channel planting through legal streams.

The agency has been carrying out a series of sensitisation sessions across the island, targeting persons who want to be involved in the industry.

Green said the CLA is now on a mission “to look for community groups of traditional growers that we will engage and provide the technical support for them to transition”.

He noted that the programme will improve the legitimate earning potential of small, marginalised communities that currently operate within the black market, while providing access to quality-controlled cannabis for medicinal purposes.