When? Thursday, 23 September - 15:00 (London)

As the legal regulation of cannabis picks up momentum, ensuring that the nascent industry contributes to, rather than undermines, health, social justice and human rights goals should be at the forefront of policy discussions.

Despite clear differences, lessons from tobacco control efforts and responses by key trade actors can and should inform these important debates.

The tobacco experience is not a reason to refrain from regulating cannabis at all. Rather it serves as a ‘cautionary tale’ of the difficulties to restrain private actors once they have become too powerful.

In seeking to future-proof sustainable regulatory efforts, join us for the launch of ‘Cannabis regulation: Lessons from the illicit tobacco trade’, an illuminating briefing paper written by Benoit Gomis and produced as a collaboration between the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), the Global Drug Policy Observatory (GDPO), Health Poverty Action (HPA), Transform, the Transnational Institute (TNI) and the Washington Office on latin America (WOLA).

- Ann Fordham, Executive Director, IDPC.
- Benoît Gomis, Author and consultant on the illicit drug trade.