#Sensible2021: The virtual drug policy conference



#Sensible2021: The virtual drug policy conference

28 April 2021

April 29th through May 2nd, hundreds of Students for Sensible Drug Policy members, alumni, community members, and allies will come together from around the globe for our second virtual drug policy conference.

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About the Conference

#Sensible2021: The Virtual Drug Policy Conference, Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s annual international conference made by and for young grassroots advocates, will bring hundreds of activists and allies together online April 29th through May 2nd.

  • Educational programming. The cutting-edge core conference program includes prominent keynote speakers and panels addressing urgent and emerging subjects in drug policy reform, harm reduction, leadership, organizing, and advocacy.
  • Virtual Networking.Ample opportunities for virtual networking will be available throughout the week.

Panel: Law Reforms for Effective Response to Drugs and Related issues

Sunday, May 2nd at 1:15pm-2:15pm / 5:15-6:15 GMT

Maria-Goretti Ane Loglo *15, Africa Consultant for International Drug Policy Consortium

Wilson Box, Executive Director, Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network

Charity Monareng, PhD Candidate at UCT and Parliamentary and Policy Research Officer, TB HIV Care

The theme of this topic will be purely related to the law Reforms in different country in Africa Sierra Leone to be specific, especially laws that are related to incarceration of people who use drug with no alternative for rehabilitation. This topic will help highlight some of these sections and clauses in some of our law books in some Africa countries that are unfriendly to drug user and humanity. This will prepare us for our advocacy for law reforms with specific references in the various law books.