On 10 October 2015, the 13th World Day Against the Death Penalty is raising awareness around the application of the death penalty for drug-related offences, to reduce its use. 

Running against the abolitionist worldwide movement, many countries added the death penalty for drug crimes in their legal sustem between 1980 and 2000. This trend is going down today, however, in somes countries, drug crimes are the main cause of death sentences and executions.

Take action now:

  • Organize a public debate and a movie screening with exonerees, murder victim’s families, experts, to raise awareness on the reality of the death penalty
  • Organize an art exhibition (photo, drawings, posters) or a theatre performance from Dead Man Walking to Victor Hugo
  • Organize a demonstration, a sit-in, a ‘die-in,’ a flash mob
  • Join the events prepared for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide
  • Support urgent appeals and take part in social media action in the lead up to 10 October
  • Write to a prisoner on death row
  • Donate to the World Coalition against the Death Penalty or another group working to end the death penalty.
  • Follow the social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter: #nodeathpenalty
  • Mobilize the media to raise awareness on the issue of the death penalty
  • Participate in “Cities Against the Death Penalty/Cities for Life” on November 30, 2015

Call for initiatives:

  • On 10 October 2015, take action against the death penalty! Join hundreds of initiatives organized worldwide

  • Wherever you are In Africa, America, Asia, Oceania or Europe

  • Whoever you are NGOS, teachers, lawyers, local representatives, parliamentarians, artists, reporters, religious leaders, citizens

  • Whatever your plans are Debates, concerts, press conferences, demonstrations, petitions, educational and cultural activities...

Get in touch with the World Coalition to tell us about events scheduled on October 10.

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Thumbnail: Flickr CC Los Alamos