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1 August 2000

'Surgical mules': the smuggling of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract

Patients are frequently found carrying illicit drugs in the gastrointestinal tract in hospitals sited close to international airports. Drugs, usually heroin or cocaine, are wrapped in cellophane packets or condoms. Packages are concealed by being swallowed or passed into the rectum. Conservative treatment is appropriate providing bowel osbstruction or package perforation has not occurred.
1 January 2000

Epilogue: Connecting drug policy and research on drug markets

A principal, perhaps dominant, motivation for this research is that it can inform policy and lead to reductions in the nation's drug problems. It is unclear that the existing work, summarized in the first half of this chapter, does so; the second half of the chapter describes how a more policy-relevant research agenda might be developed.