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4 December 2008

Report of the Expert Meeting on Drug Policy at the European Parliament

On 16th October 2008 Members of the European Parliament and national Parliamentarians met through an initiative of the Transnational Institute and the Andreas Papandreou Foundation at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the ongoing review of the goals and targets adopted at the United Nations General Assembly's Special Session on Drugs in 1998.
3 December 2008

Decertifying Bolivia: Bush Administration 'Fails Demonstrably' to Make Its Case

'Decertifying Bolivia: Bush Administration 'Fails Demonstrably' to Make its Case' has been published by the Andean Information Network and the Washington Office on Latin America in response to the Bush administration's announcement on September 16, 2008 that Bolivia had "failed demonstrably during the previous 12 months” to adhere to its "obligations under international counternarcotics agreements.\
30 October 2008

Beckley Briefing Paper Number 17 - An Overview of Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate (Report of the Beckley foundation Global Cannabis Commission)

This BFDPP Briefing paper provides an overview of Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate, the Report of the Beckley Foundation Global Cannabis Commission. The report was produced after a group of international experts were commissioned to undertake a review of the current evidence regarding cannabis and its place in the international drug control system.
25 September 2008

TNI Debate Paper Number 16 - Withdrawal Symptoms: Changes in the Southeast Asian Drugs Market

TNI have released a new report entitled "Withdrawal Symptoms: Changes in the Southeast Asian Drugs Market”. The studies findings are that the significant decline in opium production in Burma and Laos, which has been heralded as a major success for international drug control policy, is having a devastating effect on farmers and is triggering worrying consequences for drug users.
27 June 2008

WOLA Testimony to US Congressional Committee

On June 19, 2008, WOLA Senior Associate John_Walsh testified before Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress (chaired by Senator Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia) on U.S. drug policy.