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1 August 2007

Beckley Report Number 12 - Prisons and Drugs

The latest report from the Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme describes the high rates of drug problems in all prison systems, summarises the current state of global knowledge and research evidence, and provides a guide for policymakers on how to develop effective policies and programmes in this area.
31 August 2006

Treatment for dependent drug use - A guide for policy makers

Recent research into drug problems in a number of cultures and settings has indicated that a disproportionate amount of the harm and costs arising from drug use is associated with the relatively small proportion of dependent users. With the increasing recognition of the scale of the problems associated with dependent drug use, and that these problems cannot simply be resolved by enforcement action against the target group, treatment for drug addiction has progressed in the last 20 years from being a marginal and poorly resourced activity to, in many countries, the central pillar of the national drug policy.