This report describes the implementation of 2014–2015 Small Grants Program Through Peers’ Effort in nine countries of CEECA. It is designed for experts and PWUD community leaders to share experiences and achievements. It will also be useful for those involved in protecting the rights of PWUD, and in advocacy for increasing the availability and quality of harm reduction services and sustainable funding of harm reduction programs. Above all, we hope that the report will be used by members of the PWUD community for advocacy purposes.

The document consists of four sections dedicated to different aspects of the program: protecting the rights of PWUD; increasing the availability and quality of opioid substitution treatment (OST) programs; preventing deaths from overdose; and advocating for national funding for harm reduction programs. We report on the implementation of each small grant, the obstacles that stood in the way of our partners, and how they were successful in achieving long-term systemic change.           

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