In Thailand, senior government officials have declared their commitment to ending the use of torture. Nevertheless, Amnesty International has found, through a two year investigation, that torture remains shockingly common. Legislators are considering a new law that, if passed, would explicitly criminalise torture and further protect against torture and other forms of ill-treatment. Adopting and implementing an anti-torture law that fully complies with the UN Convention against Torture are essential steps that Thailand must take to end these grave violations. “Make him Speak by Tomorrow" describes the findings of a two year investigation by Amnesty International into the use of torture and other ill treatment by Thai authorities. With the help of local human rights NGOs, Amnesty International collected first-hand testimony of survivors, court documents, medical records and various other forms of evidence relating to 74 cases of torture perpetrated in a variety of contexts. In southern Thailand, soldiers have tortured individuals with suspected links to insurgent groups. Elsewhere, authorities have tortured or otherwise ill-treated individuals accused of politically-related offences or acts of political violence, suspected drug users, migrant workers and others. This report identifies the legal and institutional failures that facilitate torture and other ill-treatment in Thailand and offers recommendations to such abuses once and for all.

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